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…The following Saturday I delivered the keys and directions to her at the shop, though she hustled me outside first so that Ray wouldn’t get the wrong idea. This seemed a bit too much like espionage but the familiar bakery and liquor store across the street seemed to dispel the sudden intimacy. Fearing that they might lock themselves out, which was a common and abhorrent situation for me, I told her of the extra set of keys I had stashed under a large rock next to the gazebo which had a distant, oblique view of the lake. It was a distinctive one which my girlfriend Amber once remarked resembled a flying saucer. When I finished explaining, I got the sense that Jorie was impelled to hug me, right there next to the swirling striped pole, but I leaned out of reach and feigned a rush toward my next errand.  I heard nothing from them during their stay and this was what I wanted to hear, though during that span I did have one dream where the water level had risen 30 feet in a tsunami submerging the cottage, with the couple perched on an end table to stay afloat…

~ published by the Timber Creek Review

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December 20, 2017

“Home and Castle” coming out in January

The editing and proofreading and thousand other things that go into putting a book together are thankfully finished and my story collection Home and Castle is at last coming out in early January. (see www.snakenationpress.org for the Editor’s statement and further details). Most of the stories in it were originally published in literary journals such  (…read more)

About The Author

THOMAS BENZ graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of Notre Dame. He recently won the 2017 Serena McDonald Kennedy Award for a short story collection called “Home and Castle.” The book is to be published by Snake Nation Press in the fall. In the last several years, he has had fifteen stories  (…read more)